SC INGREDIENT COUNT, GrowFood Charleston Lee Bros Dinner


October 12, Time: 7pm – 10pm
Tickets: $80 / $60 for Q.O.L. Members
Contact Amanda Cole at or (843) 725-2062 for information and tickets.
Location: GrowFood Warehouse on the Charleston peninsula, 990 Morrison Drive, 29403

“Pomegranate Collins” cocktail:
-pomegranates, Lady’s Isl., SC
-grapefruit leaves, Ashley Ave., Charleston
-lemongrass, Queen St., Charleston

“Scuppernong Sangria:”
-muscadines, Nesmith, SC

-green peanuts, Bowman, SC
-glasswort, Kiawah River, SC
-oyster mushrooms, Monck’s Corner, SC

-bibb lettuce, Monck’s Corner, SC
-tatsoi, Georgetown, SC
-young goat, Yemassee, SC

Lee Bros. kimchi:
-radishes, Rowesville, SC
-pineapple pears, Bowman, SC
-mustard greens, Georgetown, SC

fish course:
-fresh bay leaf, Legareville, SC

-wild duck, ACE Basin
-okra, Holly Hill, SC
-Charleston Gold rice, Lavington Plantation, ACE Basin
-arugula, Georgetown, SC

-pear, Bowman, SC