Newsworthy Boiled Peanut moment!

Green Wednesday! The fresh, “green” peanut harvest has begun in South Carolina, and thanks to the Myers family farm in Bowman, SC (and the GrowFood Carolina food hub), we are thrilled to be able to offer for the next few hours, while supplies last, 100% South Carolina-grown peanuts that we’ve boiled in South Carolina seawater–old-school style. Peanuts will ship FedEx to arrive Thursday the 23rd or Friday the 24th

The quality of these peanuts is remarkable and unique to a small farm, as these are open-pollinated and not graded by size, so individual peanuts range from jumbos as big as your thumb to tiny soft ones that can be eaten shell and all (and every size in between). The variety is Virginia, and they appear just as if you’d dug up the plants yourself.

So far it’s a great peanut season this year: the flavor of the Myers peanut is sweet, very grassy and English-pea-like, intense, and incomparable to any other taste sensation out there. Those who love green peanuts will be transported back to the most recent time they (or, more likely, their grandparents) dug them, washed them and boiled them on the stove; for those who have never experienced fresh green boiled peanuts, this will be the ultimate introduction!

To claim your 5lb share of this limited batch, phone 843 720 8890 (be prepared to redial if you get a busy signal!). The 5lb pack costs $40 (express shipping is additional, varies by zip code) and customers are limited to one bag. Shelf life once the peanuts arrive is 3 days in the refrigerator, just long enough for a memorable end-of-summer weekend.