Five fantastic dishes, with SC ingredients!

The proof was in the cooking–we spent the day yesterday in the SC State Farmer’s Market exhibition kitchen in Columbia, preparing the five winning recipes from the Lee Brother Your Holiday recipe contest, where each recipe had to include at least one SC-grown ingredient (in fact, most recipes we celebrated yesterday could have been composed almost entirely from SC ingredients if we could evaporate some SC seawater to make our salt!) We were blown away by the delicious and nuanced flavors our winners conjured up. They are:
Appetizer: Dawn Dausman’s Rosebank Farms Heirloom Pumpkin Bisque
Veg: Elizabeth Benfield’s Vegetarian Collard Greens
Entree: Beaumont Riley’s Apple and Prune Roasted Pork
Baked Goods: Rose Stancil’s Sweet Potato Pound Cake
Dessert: Ines Gillier’s Pecan Honey Tart

find all the recipes on the Certified SC site:

Congratulations and thanks to all the winners, it was a privilege to meet you and to cook for you all!
Our deep gratitude as well to the sponsors: Piggly Wiggly, US Foods and Judy’s Restaurant at the SC Farmer’s Market.
Also essential to the success of the day were Chef Shaun and Chef Franklin of the exhibition kitchen, and our assistant for the day, Charles Dickson.

Great eats and good times in Columbia, SC!!