We are thrilled to announce the debut of our first TV show on Sunday, June 14 at 8pm on Ovation (Comcast 255 in Charleston; visit http://www.ovationtv.com/zipcode to locate Ovation in your area).

“Southern Uncovered with The Lee Bros” will take viewers deep into the cultural life of the American South, with a culinary focus. We’ll introduce you to the places, the people–and the foods and beverages–that make today’s Southern cities the most exciting destinations in the world.

Ovation, the country’s only arts network, is broadcast into over 54 million homes nationwide. Episode 1 is about Charleston, our hometown, and subsequent episodes take place in Atlanta, Louisville, Dallas, New Orleans and Asheville. New episodes will debut on successive Sundays throughout the summer.
For updates (and sneak peeks from our adventures), follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @theleebros.

We’ve always wanted bring our particular style of immersive, wonky culinary travel (which we’ve practiced for the last decade primarily for Travel + Leisure magazine) to TV, but have been holding out for the right fit. The reality show ideas (eg “Sibling Rivalry!!”) didn’t appeal, and straight-up food and recipe shows have an especially hard time breaking through on the food channels–fancy that! Most production companies wanted us to look and act more like hillbillies, to fit their misconceptions about the South.

What worked this time around was finding a channel focused on arts first, rather than travel or food. Also essential was hooking up with a super-talented SOUTHERN production company, Trailblazer, in Raleigh, who understand us, and understand contemporary life in the South.

We hope you’ll enjoy our show, which is about the flavor, fun and diversity of Southern life today!