Charleston, South Carolina


If you’ve read our cookbooks, then you already know that we grew up in Charleston, South Carolina and you’re well aware that we think our hometown is a magical place–rich in history, with a wealth of food traditions that endure today, but with an exciting future ahead of it.

On this page, you’ll find appreciations of people and places in and around Charleston. We’ll update them every so often so that, before long you should have a good sense of just how special this place is.

Appreciatin’ now: Craig Diehl, chef at Cypress Restaurant on East Bay St., is getting so jiggy with the charcuterie (to use Mario’s terminology) that he’s offering a CSA of cured meat products, fresh–so to speak–from his own meat locker! (843) 937-4012 x265 to reserve in the Artisan Meat Share program.