Artisan Chocolates, Charleston-style

Check out the assortment of exquisitely handcrafted chocolates we put together on OpenSky.
These are from artisan chocolatier Sweeteeth, straight outta North Charleston, and suitable for giving to someone you love…or for inhaling yourself! While supplies last

Sweeteeth assortment
Sweeteeth is the newest, and most successful, small-batch chocolate maker in South Carolina. It’s the vision of Johnny Battles, who was working at a creative pizzeria in North Charleston (E.V.O.) when the chocolate bug hit him.

Johnny thinks like a chef, and it shows: in the quality of the ingredients, the handcrafted care that each bar receives, and in his flavor selections–exciting combinations that really work. These are chocolates with spice and flair, and they somehow feel distinctly Southern in spirit: cinnamon, apple and pecans in dark chocolate; white chocolate with crumbled ginger snaps; chocolate and port. And the visual look of the chocolates is edgy and sophisticated.

We’re chocolate skeptics, but we were blown away when we first encountered Sweeteeth chocolate at a shop in downtown Charleston, and just knew we had to bring these to our OpenSky followers.