Congratulations to the finalists of the Lee Brother Your Holiday Contest!! We’re excited to announce the winning recipes! From appetizer to dessert, these Certified SC Grown dishes make a scrumptious holiday menu:
South Carolina’s Best Appetizer:
Dawn Dausman’s Rosebank Farms Heirloom Pumpkin Bisque
South Carolina’s Best Baked Good:
Rose Stancil’s Sweet Potato Pound Cake with Caramel Sauce
South Carolina’s Best Dessert:
Ines Gillier’s Pecan and Honey Tart
South Carolina’s Best Entree:
Beaumont Riley’s Apple and Prune Pork
South Carolina’s Best Side Dish:
Elizabeth Benfield’s Vegetarian SC Grown Collard Greens
Follow this link for the recipes, or visit your local South Carolina grocery store to pick up a printed brochure with the winners.
The Lee Bros. reviewed all submissions and selected the finalists. The five grand prize winners, one from each category, and their guests will be invited to the SC Department of Agriculture’s Sate Farmers Market Exhibition Kitchen in West Columbia, where Matt and Ted will prepare and serve all of the grand prizewinning recipes!
And all 20 finalists’ recipes are available now on the Certified SC web site: